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A devil is waiting

Jack Higgins
Harper Collins, 2012, pp 346, 299
When the US president is entertained by the British prime minister, a mullah accuses the president of war crimes and offers paradise to anyone who will assassinate him. Sean Dillon, Major Ferguson and Daniel Holley are rushed into action to combat an upsurge in terrorism, helped by a great new recruit, Afghan war-hero, Sara Gideon.

Dark rising

Greig Beck
Pan Macmillan, 2012, pp 470, 350
Alex Hunter and his team are dropped into the ruins of Persepolis. They find an underground facility but no weapons or scientists, nothing to explain the gamma spike in the region. Meanwhile, Israel is threatening nuclear war. Alex must follow the traces of radiation to the ancient caves of Arak. The clock is ticking down to possibly the end of the world...

Revolution 2.0

Wael Ghonim
Harper Collins, 2012, pp 308 599
The revolutions that swept the Middle East in 2011 captivated the world. In Egypt, a Facebook page managed by Wael Ghonim became the gathering place for a nascent protest movement. From his keyboard to his jail cell, from his solitary Facebook posting to the emotional television interview, Ghonim tells the riveting inside story of what happened.

Turning point: a journey through challenges

APJ Abdul Kalam
Harper Collins, 2012, pp 182, 195
This book brings together details of Kalam’s career and presidency that are not generally known, as he speaks out for the first time on certain points of controversy. It offers a vision of how a country with a great heritage can become great in accomplishment, skills and abilities, through effort, perseverance and confidence.

Pax indica

Shashi Tharoor
Penguin, 2012, pp 449, 799
Tharoor surveys India’s relationships, evokes the country’s soft power and its global responsibilities, analyses the workings of the Ministry of External Affairs, Parliament and public opinion on the shaping of policy, and offers his thoughts on a new grand strategy for the nation, arguing that India must move beyond non-alignment to multi-alignment.

Not dead yet

Peter James
Macmillan, 2012, pp 440, 550
For producer Larry Brooker, this is the movie that could bring him fortune. For Gaia, this is the role that could get her an Oscar nomination. For Detective  Roy Grance, it is a nightmare. A stalker is after Gaia. One attempt on her life is made before she leaves for Brighton. Now, he has been warned that the stalker may be at large, waiting, watching, planning...
Once upon a hill

Kalpish Ratna
Harper Collins, 2012, pp 236, 499
How do you find something hidden in plain sight? Begin in a village named for an epidemic, witness an exorcism, and enter a labyrinth. Meet a curious cartographer. Journey 60 million years with a turtle and a frog. Then, finally, find Gilbert Hill. Gilbert Hill is where our past and future are gathered. Shall we revere this point or destroy it with our dance?

Never say goodbye...

Rajiv Seth
Srishti Publishers, 2012, pp 220, 150
Meet Akash, a doctor — single and happy in his world of patients. He meets Anjali, also a doctor. Very quickly, they move from being just friends to soul-mates and lovers. Will their relationship remain as entwined as the DNA in their cells? Or, will it explode into nothing?

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