Bridge across years

Bridge across years

Best Friends

Now that the freshers have joined college, the second-year students have found new friends while the first years are looking up to their seniors for guidance as well as tips to acclimatise to the college atmosphere.

Though there is a slight hesitation among the first and second years, many say that they become the best of friends in due course of time. Many know each other from school and are often seen hanging out and sharing a common group of friends in college as well.

“We were very excited when our freshers joined college; it was refreshing to see some fresh faces. Also, it reminded us of our first year in college. We were a little hesitant initially, but now they have become a part of our group,” says Shalini, a degree student.

One of the few things which bond the first years and seniors are the intra and inter-departmental programmes. Even the freshers’ day acts as an ice breaker and brings the two sets of students closer.

“The freshers’ day programme definitely plays a major role in bringing the two groups together and I remember how we ended up being best friends with our seniors. Whether it was in the canteen or after class, we were always together,” adds Srikant, a management student.

Many freshers also felt intimidated by the seniors in the beginning.

“I was a scared to talk to my seniors during the initial few days of college. I felt they would bully me. However, now I am comfortable having them around and also take help from them whenever it is required. Sometimes, when I don’t understand a subject or want to know which elective will suit me better, I consult my seniors. Having a good rapport with seniors is very important as they help and guide you in more ways than one throughout college,” informs Sudha Rani.

Several students also feel that after the initial ice-breaking session between the juniors and the seniors, there are no labels attached and they become good friends.

“Yes, at first there is this tag of superiority attached to the seniors, but all this is forgotten soon. We emerge as good friends when we graduate,” points out Aditya, an engineering student.

For now, the first and the second years are giving a shot at friendship and hope that they bond well with their juniors.

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