'I don't care about critics'

Rising Star

'I don't care  about critics'

Up-and-coming actress Neha Sharma paid her first visit to the City for the promotion of her new film, Kyaa Super Kool Hai Hum.

All praises for Bangalore’s weather, the actress says she loves the greenery of the place.

“I stepped out of the airport and felt like there was no habitation around. There are so many trees, it is so refreshing!” she gushes. She’s also in awe of the public transport system here, saying, “Though we have the local trains in Mumbai, we don’t have a Metro like this one.”

In fact, Bangaloreans welcomed the star with open arms. “I visited a college today and everybody was cheering for my Telugu film Chirutha,” smiles Neha.

Describing her Bollywood breakthrough, she reminisces, “They were looking for a young college student and I fit the part perfectly.”

However, there are a few drawbacks to not being from a filmy family. Neha describes how some of her co-stars from the industry have been professionally trained in dance and action. “They get a zillion chances, even if their first film bombs,” she says. However, she also admires their zeal. “After ‘Crook’ didn’t do so well, I was a bit shaken at first, but everyone else knew how to leave their baggage behind and move on,” she recalls.

There are some positive aspects to this as well, though. “It’s also hard for the industry kids to live up to their relatives’ name and fame,” she empathises. The young actress admits that she wouldn’t like to be known for her connections. “I’d like to be known as ‘me’ — Neha — for my hard work and talent,” she says firmly.

Her stint in the fashion industry gives her an edge as an actress, she feels. “There’s a lot of styling involved in making a character –— whether it’s the outfit or the hair. I often sit down with the stylists and give my input,” she adds. But does the actress plan to go back to her fashion roots? “Well, I’d love to after a couple of years — once I’ve settled down as an actress,” she states.

For now, her fans eagerly await Kyaa Super Kool Hai Hum. “It’s a sequel to an already successful film. It’s for anyone with a stressful, nine-to-five life, who wants some fun,” she hints, with a glint in her eye.

Next in line is her romantic film with Vivek Oberoi in Jayanta Bhai Ki Luv Story. “It’s the love story of a gangster, with a woman from a completely different world,” she divulges. In the future, the young actress would love to do a film with Salman Khan. “I’m a huge fan!” she pipes up.

Her response to critics? “The audience is what matters. If my fans enjoy my films and love me, I don’t care about the critics.” Criticism and rumours are easily dealt with, says Neha.

“As long as people are talking about you, you know you’re successful. The minute nobody’s talking about you is when you should start worrying.”

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