Youngsters root for dance


This project is envisioned as a cocoon for budding artists on their journey of discovering dance and their personal language of choreography. Supported by Danceworx, the Chrysalis Project hopes to take dance to the next level in India.

The project is introducing new choreo­g­r­a­p­­h­e­rs to the world of art and providing the artists with facilities like dancers, dance space, costumes and personal ment­o­ring by experts on various fields for the development of their personal choreographic work. The most important as­p­ect of the project is public performances through which these artists showcase their work and present it to audiences.

Founded in 2011, the Chrysalis was first held at Sri Ram Centre for over two days. This year the event took place at the FICCI Auditorium in June and will be held again on July 26th and 27th at Epicenter, Gurgaon. The idea is to create different platforms and venues in diff­e­r­ent cities for maximum awareness and improve scope of dance.

Works of eight choreographers including Sheila Coleman of USA; Esteban Olives  from France; Sanchita Sharma, Manish Kangia, Rajiv Singh, Ragini Bhajanka, Amith Kumar and Shohini Dutta, all from India will be showcased.

Coleman’s presentation You’ll Never Walk Alone  “is an abstract expression of love. An American choreographer trained in ballet, hip-hop and Afro-Carribean she has used all these traits in her choreography,” says Shohini, who is also responsible for curating the project.

My Last My First by Manish Kangia tells the story of a girl trying to get back her first love whom she had left beca­u­se of a fight. “Manish is an engineer-turned-dancer. He portrays human emotions subtly. The lyrical piece is about a girl, willing to restart a relationship,” says Shohini.

Another piece to watch out for is Shadow Story by Rajiv Singh. The piece is about finding one’s lost individuality. Rajiv will use jazz, ballet and contemporary dance, reflecting the eagerness of an individual to find his originality.

Remember My Tears by Esteban Olives is about a girl who in her dream wakes up in a storm of passion and love; feels the touch and the emot­i­on of what she had felt before.

Stree by Shohini Dutta de­p­icts the loneliness of mythical women like Sati, Draupadi, Sita and Radha. “These women were left alone in the never ending sea of time. But each dealt with the situation differently,” Sohini reveals.

Tickets are available Rs 250 at the venue and suitable for all age groups.

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