'We all have equally important roles in Jism 2'

'We all have equally important roles in Jism 2'

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More than anything else, Jism 2 is in news beca­u­se of Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leone making her debut in it and her bold scenes in the film.

Directed by Pooja Bhatt, the film also has Arunoday Singh and Randeep Hooda in lead roles but it is Sunny who has been garnering the limelight.

Metrolife, though catches up with one of the male leads Arunoday, who is both nervo­us and excited about the upco­m­ing film. Even though the film is being talked about mo­re because of Sunny and her steamy scenes with both male leads, Arunoday says they all have equally important roles. “The initial res­p­o­n­se of the audience is more inc­l­i­ned towards Sunny but after watching the film they will re­a­lise that all three of us play an equally important role,” says the actor who made his debut with Sikandar in 2009.

Jism 2 has very steamy scenes so much so that Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) initially refused to give even an ‘A’ certificate to it and subsequently certified it as ‘A’ after select cuts! Does it affect him? “My job is to act. How the film will be treated and what happens later on is completely up to the director and her prerogative,” replied Arunoday, grandson of late senior Congress leader Arjun Singh.

It is said that Sunny worked very hard on her Hindi for the film, slated for release on
August 3, even though Pooja Bhatt has lent her voice for the actress’ dialogues.

Arunoday testifies the same. “It was real fun working with Sunny. She is a very hardworking girl... we saw her learning the dialogues everyday in Hindi so as to add real emotions,” he shares.

Only five-films old in the industry, Arunoday’s first and foremost criteria of selecting works is script followed by his role. That is what made him nod for Jism 2. “The way the script was narrated to me by Pooja and Mahesh Bhatt, I just couldn’t say ‘no’ to them. Tho­u­gh it is being viewed as a film wanting to sail only on steamy scenes, it has a strong storyl­i­ne also,” he says.

Though belonging to a pol­i­t­ical family, the actor says he also had to go through the initial struggle to get a toehold in the industry. Arunoday, who doesn’t want to enter politics following his grandfather and father’s footsteps, say, “I was always interested in acting.

Si­n­ce my school days I have been doing theatre and my family has been a constant support. The initial struggle is the same for everyone. It doesn’t matter what your family background is.”

His love for the screen also extended to turning a celebrity guest on UTV Bindass’ Fearless where Arunoday was seen motivating participants to over­come their fears just as he had done in real life.

Not many people know that he was sca­r­ed of sharks to the extent that he was afraid to even enter a pool! “I love swimming but whenever I entered the pool, the first thing that came to mind was what if there were sharks in it. But need to just face your fear. I also overcame it by simply going into the pool or sea without thinking too much,” says the actor.

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