Faith brings people together on Id-ul-fitr

Faith brings people together on Id-ul-fitr

Wishing each other ‘Id Mubarak’ and children joyfully demanding ‘Idi’ or gifts from elders were all across the City on Monday. The day was witnessed peaceful Id-ul-fitr celebrations amidst police security.  Id-ul-fitr was celebrated with joy and harmony on the concluding day of the Ramzan month.

Thousands of Muslims offered special prayers early in the morning, after the citing of the moon on Sunday. After a long time Id was celebrated all over the country on the same day, as otherwsie it is celebrated on different days in different parts of the country based on sighting of the moon.

Mouth-watering feast

Breaking the month-old fast, the mouth-watering Biryani and Kheer were being prepared in every Muslim’s home, who invited their friends and family for the occasion. Noteworthy is the fact that people of all religions joined their Mulsim friends in celebration.

“On a normal day, a Muslim offers his prayers five times a day. But the prayers offered on the day of Id-ul-fitr is a special prayer to Allah, expressing our gratitude for his grace and watchful eye. It is an obligatory prayer held early in the morning on the special occasion,” informed Sayed Tanvir Ahmed from the Jamait-i-Islami-Hind.

After offering prayers at the Idgahs, people visited the cemeteries to remember those who had departed this world.  “We offer prayers to those who left this earth to reach the heavenly abode and also to remember that we too are mere mortals,” informed Vikhar, one of the thousands, who visited the Tannery Road Idgah.

Khutbas for people

The Ramzan prayers in almost every Idgah, is followed by a Khutba or a speech by the Imams.  This year, the Khutbas spoke on the need to express brotherhood and spread the message of peace among all faiths.

“The Imam in his khutbas asked us to be tolerant and patient. To ensure that we ‘love our neighbour’ and to see that none of them go without food,” informed Hamid Mohsien, who visited the Idgah near Lalbagh Gate and Al-Ameen College in the City. The messages by the Imams included prayers for the country and the people of all faith.

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