Crown to be proud of

Crown to be proud of

It was celebration time at Jyoti Nivas College — this time, because of an event that has become a tradition among the first-year degree students – ‘Freshie Queen’.

‘Freshie Queen’ is an annual event in which many newcomers are given an opportunity to showcase their talent and compete with each for the popular title. Out of the 70 girls who wanted to vie for the crown, only 12 were chosen from the first-year degree students.

These 12 students battled it out on stage while they were being judged by Richard Andrews, a music enthusiast who has worked with a few big banners in the country and Dilip Kumar K J, an engineer who chose the path of directing short films.

The participants were judged on the content of their talent, confidence and personality.  This year, the event did not have a theme but had several rounds, like any pageant does. The first round was an introduction round, where the freshers had to introduce themselves with poise and creativity. For this round, all the 12 participants were given a movie character and they had to introduce themselves through the nature of the character.

For example, one of the participants introduced herself through the character of
Joker in the movie ‘Dark Knight’.

The second round was a talent round, which had the students bring out their best through singing, dancing and playing a music instrument.

To tap the innovative side of the students, judges introduced the third round as a prop round.

In this round, students were given newspapers, two straws, and a balloon and were asked to create something out of these materials. Their creativity ranged from origami to making a tiara.

The final round was the question and answer round, where the judges took over and shot questions at the participants.

At the end of the event, Vidhi Kundan Jain from the mass communication division won the title of ‘Freshie Queen’, Elizabeth Riya Roy was crowned the ‘Freshie Princess’ and Soumya Sam won the first runners-up title.

“I like taking part in everything and that’s how ‘Freshie Queen’ happened. I think it was a great platform to showcase myself,” says Vidhi, adding, “I am a ‘people’ person and now that the whole college knows who I am, it’s easier to connect with people and also get everyone to work with each other.”

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