Protestors want only DC to receive memo

Various organisations stage protests in the City in support of their demands

Protestors want only DC to receive memo

Leaders of various organisations that staged protests outside the Deputy Commissioner’s office on Wednesday burst into office demanding that the DC himself receive their memoranda.

Members of the Democratic Women’s Federation, Samata Sainik Dal, CPM and the District Manual Scavengers’ Association staged separate protests outside the DC office starting 11 am on Wednesday.

Alternative refused

The Additional Deputy Commissioner R S Peddappaiah came out to receive their memoranda, but the protesters demanded that Dr D S Vishwanath, the DC, who was in the office, accept the requests himself.

Vishwanath, however, was attending meetings and did not come to the protesters till 12 noon. The protesters, angered by the absence of the DC, waited for Vishwanath for some time and then pushed past the police officers into the DC’s office.

They threw away the chairs in the office and sat outside the DC’s chamber in protest, accusing the officer of being anti-Dalit and even verbally abusing him.

Vishwanath remained in his chamber. Rajanna, the Deputy Superintendent of Police, who spoke to the DC, approached the protesters and assured them Vishwanath would speak to them if they moved out of his office.

The protesters refused to budge and demanded that they had waited for at least two hours and therefore expected the DC to approach them.

‘Don’t force in’

H R Bhagavandas, the Additional Superintendent of Police, who then spoke to the protesters told them that barging into the office in protest would be a crime and they would get to meet the DC only if they moved out.

The protesters walked out of the DC’s office, but seated themselves again outside. Das spoke to the DC again, and told the protesters to hand their memoranda to the Additional DC.

This only angered the protesters further and they shouted slogans against the Deputy Commissioner. The incidents repeated a couple more times, before the DC came out of his chamber to receive the memoranda from the protesters in person.

The office was given additional police security as the situation had tensed.

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