Romney for strong ties with India to contain China

Challenger to Obama calls for probe into security info leaks

Terming China a major foreign policy challenge for the United States, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney said that if elected, he would ensure strong ties with India to counter the Chinese influence.

A fact sheet issued by the Romney Campaign asserted that if elected, the Republican will “deepen cooperation among regional partners like India and build stronger ties to influential countries like Indonesia.”

In his address to the Veterans for Foreign War convention in Nevada on Tuesday, Romney, although acknowledging that partnership with China was necessary for a stable and secure world, accused Beijing of “cheating” the international community over a range of issues. 

“It’s in our mutual interest, of course, for China to be a partner for a stable and secure world, and we welcome its participation in trade. But the cheating must finally be brought to a stop,” he said, accusing President Barack Obama of not doing anything in this regard. “The President hasn’t done it and won’t do it, and I will,” asserted Romney.

The Republican candidate termed the Chinese behaviour at the international level, especially over a host of trade issues as a challenge and also lashed out at Beijing for "disregarding rights of its people.”“We face another challenge in a rising China. China is attentive to the interests of its government, but it too often disregards the rights of its people. It’s selective in the freedoms it allows,” Romney said.

With special reference to the one child policy of China, Romney claimed the policy “can be ruthless in crushing the freedoms it denies.”

Taking a direct hit at the Obama administration, Romney also called for a probe into the leaks of classified national security information, alleging that this was done by “politically motivated White House”, that put nation's security at risk. “This conduct is contemptible.

It betrays our national interest. It compromises our men and women in the field and it demands a full and prompt investigation by a special council with explanation and consequence,” Romney said in his major foreign policy speech.

“Whoever provided classified information to the media seeking political advantage for the administration must be exposed, dismissed and punished,” Romney demanded.

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