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Tv talk

A dying wish fulfilled

In tonight’s episode of Balika Vadhu, Kalyani, Bhairon and Anandi reach Bilaria where Anandi is shocked to see Bhagwati in a bad condition. As a last wish, Bhagwati asks Anandi to get married to Shiv but she refuses.

When Anandi is about to step out of the house, Bhago collapses on the floor. Anandi comes to her mother, takes her head in her lap and seeing her condition, agrees to get married to Shiv — just as Bhago takes her last breath. Tune in to the show at 8 pm on July 27 on Colors.

The witness at the window

Disturbia’ airs on July 27 at 10 pm on AXN. A 2007 American thriller directed by DJ Caruso, the movie stars Shia LaBeouf as a teenager who is under house arrest after attacking a school teacher, after the latter made a remark about his dead father.

Taking a cue from Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film, ‘Rear Window’, the boy witnesses a murder by his neighbour, played by David Morse. Locked in his room for over days, is it his imagination that is taking a toll on him, or is he the only witness to the heinous murder in his neighbourhood? Tune in to the movie to find out.

Out in the open

Based on Sebastian Junger’s best-selling book, ‘The Perfect Storm’ is an action-adventure flick set on the tumultuous seas. Days after returning from a disappointing fishing trip, captain Billy Tyne decides to take his boat out one last time before the season ends, much to the chagrin of his crew member Bobby Shatford. But they haven’t anticipated a terrifying storm that will rock the North Atlantic. Will they be able to weather the perfect storm and come home? Tune in to the movie on HBO at 9 pm on July 27 to find out. ‘The Perfect Storm’ stars George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, Diane Lee and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio.

Face to face with danger

World’s Deadliest Shark with Nigel Marvein’ airs on Animal Planet at 6 pm on July 27. The show follows zoologist, film-maker and presenter Nigel Marvin, who is most at home in the company of animals and when he is observing their behaviour in their natural habitats. Viewers have the perfect chance to get closer to the natural world as he comes face to face with one of the ocean’s most feared predators: a bull shark.

Don of a different kind

Don No 1’ airs on July 27 at 9 pm on Sony Max. The movie stars Nagarjuna, Kelly Dorjee and Anushka. Surya is an orphan who rescues some street children from the clutches of a drug peddlar.  They all become his followers and Surya soon becomes a don. Raghava assists the don with his work and Surya treats him like a younger brother. He’s a don of a different kind — good-natured, honest, smart and handsome. He helps people in distress and ensures that everybody in his kingdom is happy.

Search for the perfect car

Car Crazy Central’ follows the ultimate car guy Barry Meguire on his search for the world’s greatest automobiles and automotive events. Follow Barry in this fascinating show at her discovers some incredible and intriguing cars. ‘Car Crazy Central’ airs on Turbo at 8.30 pm on July 27. It is a half-hour long session of unadulterated car-talk.

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