Now measure your sleep pattern with wireless

 Eager to know if you got a good night's sleep? A new sleep monitoring device can measure the amount you've slept!

The contact-free device, launched by GEAR4, is called Renew Sleep Clock.
It is also capable of recommending the ways through which one can improve his or her sleep pattern as well as lifestyle.

Unlike other devices, a person wouldn't have to wear any wires which often disrupt the natural sleep comfort. The new device can be attached with an iPod, iPad or iPhone.
"It is the easiest way to evaluate your level of deep sleep," sleep expert Michael Breus, said in a statement.

"Unlike other products on the market, there is nothing you need to wear or plug-in, you just turn it on, dock your device, and wake up the next day to a better understanding of your physically restorative sleep," Breus added.

The sensor in the device knows when someone is asleep and whether they are in light or deep sleep.

It even knows if one has left the bed during the night or if other interruptions woke them from slumber.

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