Bescom to serve notice before snapping power

From now on, residents of the City will be served notices before electricity supply is snapped for default in payment of bills.

P Manivannan, (Bescom MD), on Thursday, clarified that officers henceforth will be told to stick notices on doors  of residents who have failed to pay on time.

“Consumers will be given 30 days time after the billing cycle. If they fail to pay, a notice will be issued before disconnecting the power supply,” said Manivannan.

The move comes in the wake of several complaints lodged by consumers about reckless snapping of power supply to both domestic and industrial areas by the Bescom.

“The sticker notices will be pasted on the doors of defaulters from August 1,” Manivannan said.

Facebook connection

To ensure that consumers know about power cuts beforehand, Bescom will be going live with 3,200 pages on Facebook from September 1.

“Each Facebook page will be dedicated to one feeder in the City. So, consumers can register themselves with the page on Facebook dedicated to the feeder under which their residence or industrial unit falls,” Manivannan said.

Feeder number

Moreover, the page will be identified by the sub-division and the feeder number. For example, HAL sub-division will be attached to a feeder number, he added.

Speaking at an interactive session with the Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FKCCI), Manivannan said Bescom has a proposal to have dedicated feeder lines for every industrial purpose.

“The express feeders will help industries and Bescom with uninterrupted power supply. The feeders will under no circumstances be diverted towards any other purpose than for which it is dedicated.

Each of the feeders will cost Rs 3.5 crore and will extend power supply upto 2 kilometres,”  he said.

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