Delhiites learn good health from Aamir

Effect of issues raised by Aamir Khan in his show Satyamev Jayate can be seen in the daily lives the people of Delhi.

Inspired by the eighth episode, many houses now boast of terrace gardens to grow organic food and say goodbye to pesticides and harmful fertilizers.

Usually vegetables are being grown in farms on the terraces using organic fertilizers like cow dung and vermicompost.

Dr B N Mishra, doctor at Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital, said the Satyamev Jayate episode informed about increasing use of pesticides for more yield and its adverse effects on people’s health.

Stomach ailments

Most Delhiites are face ones or the other stomach disease that can be related to adulterated food and vegetables, and other food items produced out of pesticides.

He said such food is not only low on nutrients, but some also attain toxicity. This is resulting in vomiting, dehydration and indigestion becoming chronic and commonplace in the city.

“I started growing vegetables in my house and inspired the neighbourhood in Janakpuri’s C-6 and B blocks. People are growing vegetables on their own now.

If this experiment succeeds, I plan to make entire Janakpuri green and inspire people to grow their own vegetables,” said Dr Mishra.

Jitendra Prakash, director (public relations), Sun Agrifresh said his company received a number of calls from people all over India who want to learn about organic farming.

Better sales“Not only this, sales of our organic rice, pulses, soyabeen, mustard oil and porridge,
has increased suddenly. One can see a visible rise in attraction toward organic food,” said Prakash.

According to Prakash, organic farming uses cow dung, green manure, biodegradable waste and crop rotation. It is devoid of any form of artificial products.

Diseases at bay

 Regular use of the food obtained thus reduces chances of cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis and cardio disorders.

President of All India Kitchen Garden Association, Bela Gupta said that a lot of households in posh areas of south Delhi have been growing vegetables in house.

She said this is a positive step towards better health.

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