The song that went viral

Remember how the Kannada number Pyaar Ge Agbuttaithe from Govindayanamaha went viral on YouTube? Now joining the bandwagon is Hemanth Hegde’s Nimbe Huli.

Recently, the writer-cum-director, uploaded one of the songs from his new movie just to see how people would react. But what he didn’t expect was to receive 80,000 hits in such a short gap.  The song Rama Srirama... has been penned by Dundiraj, a popular poet and composed by Samarth. “I never expected this at all. In fact, after I had uploaded the song, I had completed forgotten about it. Only a few days ago, my music director Veer called me up and told me about the number of hits. When I saw it with my own eyes, I was ecstatic.

This only gives that added encouragement that we are on the right path and it will surely push us to do better work,” Hemanth tells Metrolife. 

The video is just a small glimpse of the song and Hemanth says that the entire song is yet to be completely edited.  And he adds that the audience won’t be disappointed when it hits the big screen. Looks like the demand for Kannada songs on YouTube has only incre­ased.  “It’s a good trend. This way, we can reach out to more audience as well,” he says.

Incidentally, Nimbe Huli is a debut for the production house, ‘Muktha Arts’ — which is run by director Subhash Ghai — as well. Hemanth, who has earlier directed the Kannada movie House Full and a Hindi film Khanna and Iyer, says that this film is a satire about the sweet and sour experiences of life. “Life is an expert at throwing surprises and my film will tell you how we need to be prepared to expect the unexpected,” says Hemanth, who also stars in the lead role along with Komal Jha and Madhurima. 

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