H'bad lab nixed Tiwari's paternity denial

Genes never lie

The report of the Hyderabad-based Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics (CDFD), which was  submitted to the Delhi High Court, has confirmed the truth that the three-time Uttar Pradesh chief minister is the father of 32-year-old Rohit Shekhar, something that Tiwari has been refusing to accept.

“As against a normal processing we have used all the three methods of DNA testing—Southern Blot, Making a Radioactive Probe and also a Hybridisation Reaction—in this critical case,” says a scientist of the CDFD, adding the tests had brought a positive comparison of DNA’s in question.  

On a normal DNA scale of 4:10 the match in this case was affirmative of 6:10, he added. The CDFD has submitted the report to the Joint Registrar (JRO), Delhi HC, who in turn forwarded it to Justice Rewa Khetrapal. Earlier, the Supreme Court  had directed CDFD to expeditiously conduct the DNA test and submit a report. 

Rohit has been waging a legal battle by filing a paternity suit in the Delhi High Court and the apex court to prove that he is the biological son of Tiwari. The veteran Congress leader had resisted and rejected the DNA sampling for months and finally the testing was done under court orders and with police involvement. 

Tiwari gave his blood samples only after the Supreme Court interfered and directed doctors to take his sample by force, if needed. 

Over a month ago FDA cards belonging to Rohit, Tiwari and Ujjwala Sharma, mother of Rohit, were deposited by the Delhi HC joint registrar R Gopalan. 

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