Missing woman traces out family after 34 years!

A woman, long believed to be dead, has stunned her family by tracing it out after 34 years with the help of Facebook!

Susan Ardron emigrated to South Africa in 1975 where she suffered severe amnesia following a car crash in 1978. It is claimed she had a stormy relationship with her husband Sid who callously left her at the roadside with no ID and not knowing her own name, The Sun reported.

The man returned to Britain with their four kids. The woman's family in South Yorkshire's Rotherham town later approached the Red Cross, Salvation Army and even Cilla Black's Surprise Surprise show to help them find her before finally giving up.

Susan's memory, however, slowly returned. And a family who cared for the 61-year-old in Johannesburg helped her trace her British relatives with a search on Facebook.

Colin, Susan's brother, said: "When Susan's picture was sent to us on Facebook, I knew it was really her."

Colin and Susan's sisters -- Dawn, Julie and Gail  -- have now urged the British Home Office to issue a passport for her so that she could finally return home.

"It's a miracle. Susan still can't remember her four children - who now have kids of their own," said Dawn, one of the sisters.
Susan's hubby Sid died earlier this year.

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