Battered Srinivaspur farmers seek solace in marigold flower

Battered Srinivaspur farmers seek solace in marigold flower

Peasants are lured by the prospect of good returns

The reason is not far to seek. Flowers are in demand in all seasons and yield good returns as well. Thus, lured by the prospect of  making financial gains, the farmers of the taluk have now started evincing interest in floriculture.  Battered by the uncertainities accompanying the farm crops, the farmers are finding floriculture profitable.

Soaring prices

During festivals and marriage seasons the rates of flowers skyrocket. In order to cash in on this demand the farmers are coming forward. According to farmer Ramireddy of Kadapalareddy village, if the flowers are available during festival season it can be sold at very high rates. As the investment is not much for growing flowers even if the prices come down it will not affect them too much.

When compared to kakada and kanakambra, the prices of marigold and chrysanthemum are much lower. In functions and festivals marigold flowers are used most of the time. During ordinary days marigold is sold at between Rs 15 to 20 per kg and on special occasions it will be sold at between Rs 40 to 45. The marigold is in great demand for using in making of colours. Even the cost is more.

A few farmers have agreement with the companies that are in need of these kind of flowers and they grow for them. Now keeping the Dasara festival in mind, the farmers have grown marigolds which are glowing in the fields. As the horticulture department is giving support price, varieties of flowers are being grown under the borewell scheme.
The flowers market also is not spared from the middlemen’s menace. It is very common to see the middlemen buying the flowers at very cheaps prices in wholesale market and selling them in retail for exorbitant prices.