First person account ...

I was in the conference room along with some colleagues, meeting three union leaders. Initially there were 12 of them. Six of them left first and three others a little later.

Those inside were very aggressive and abusive. Yet, I listened, trying to pacify them, completely unaware of the happenings outside. Soon, we heard some commotion.

When I went out, I saw some 30-40 workers in uniform mercilessly beating up company officials. Two of my colleagues were lying unconscious in a pool of blood, while six others were critically injured. The workers were armed with blunt objects and iron rods. They chased company officials and hit them.

Suddenly I was surrounded too and beaten. I ran for safety but in vain. I managed to grab a chair and protect my head. One of them hit my neck with something very hard. Awanish Dev (the GM killed in the incident) was in a nearby room with some colleagues. The unruly mob was unleashing horror and brutality in there.I managed to escape and get police help.

(This is the account of a senior company official; name withheld on request.)


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