Bank manager cheats customer of lakhs

Bank manager cheats customer of lakhs

The police arrested a private bank employee for defrauding a customer of Rs 37 lakh. 

Laik Imroz Ahmed, 33, a resident of Koramangala, originally from Hyderbad, was a PR manager at Axis Bank's Koramangala branch. The police have recovered the amount. 

The incident came to light after a customer named Umadevi Nambiar, a resident of RMV Extension, filed a complaint with the Koramangala police claiming that someone had withdrawn Rs 37 lakh from her account. 

She told police that the money had been invested in mutual funds, and the cash had been withdrawn without her knowledge. 

According to police, Ahmed identified customers who rarely transacted business as bank managers have access to customer account details. 

He allegedly created a fake e-mail ID in Umadevi’s name as the amount had remained unchanged in her account for a long time. 

He also created other fake documents to show Umadevi informing the bank staff of a change of address. Once the new address was recorded in the bank database, Ahmed allegedly applied for a debit card in Umadevi’s name and had it mailed to the new address. 

Once the debit card arrived, it was used to withdraw money from Umadevi’s account through various ATMs. When Umadevi noticed just a balance of just Rs 5,000 in her account, she approached police. 

According to police, a computer trail, including the IP addresses of the fake e-mail ID, led them to Ahmed. 

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