A novel way towards maximising potential on the field

A novel way towards maximising potential on the field

Indians cricketers given four-part presentation on wide range of topics

The latest tool is a four-part presentation given to every player before the Champions Trophy, with guidelines on subjects as wide-ranging as food, sex, maximising performance and the reasons why historically, India haven’t done as well as they would like when playing away. The document has practical suggestions on how to avoid acidity, described as one of the biggest dangers a sportsman faces.

This includes eating certain food groups, not eating late at night and ensuring that water intake is carefully monitored at all times. On the sex front, it’s not so much advice but a cheeky look at how a player can be affected by having too much sex or too little. It’s a handy document on a subject seldom officially discussed in Indian cricket circles.

The third part deals with maximising one’s own performance, and calls Sachin Tendulkar ‘the greatest living example’ of a person who does all he can to make sure he is at the top of his game. The article also stresses the need for all-round development as a human being, in addition to perfecting cricket skills.

“In essence, personal mastery is a shift in attitude – from the importance of results and money to including the importance of the kind of person one is being; from the importance of looking good to the importance of inner substance and strength of character; from thinking you have the answers to knowing you have much to learn,” says the text. The final section, easily the most cerebral, takes a look at how India have fared playing overseas.

The correlation between India’s philosophy as a nation – historically not being aggressors in any war -- and sport as a modern metaphor for war is explored. “Unlike most major civiisations, India has never pursued a war outside of the greater Asian sub-continent,” the document suggests. “Unfamiliar with doing battle outside the borders of their mother country, as is required in international cricket.”

In short, the players – who were given the Tuesday off after the rigours of the last two days -- have received an all-encompassing document of sorts. How this will help them on the field, only time will tell!