Next week for country's sake: Team Anna

With the critics highlighting thin support to Anna’s movement on the first four days of the fast, Team Anna called students and supporters to take off from their work and come out on streets to lend support to the movement.  

“We appeal to all students to take leave from colleges for a week and come to the streets.

We don’t ask them to sacrifice their lives but join the movement for a week,” said Kejriwal. 

Another Team Anna member Kumar Vishwas came out with a slogan ‘Next week, for country’s sake’, asking people to throw their weight behind the movement throughout the week. 

“Give one week of yours because this week is going to be a memorable week in the history of the country,” Vishwas said. 

He made the gathering repeat the slogan several times through the day to make the point going. 

Vishwas also urged the women to tie rakhi to their brothers this year only if they join the protest. 

“I request all the women to ask their brothers to join the protest. Make sure that you tie rakhi on August 2 only if they extend support to the movement,” Vishwas said. 

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