Chikkaballapur Gurubhavan in the midst of controversy again

College lecturers at loggerheads over choice of site for building

After a brief lull, the issue of Gurubhavan is back in the spotlight.

The selection of the site on the campus of the Government Pre-university College on BB Road in the City has been appreciated by some lecturers, while some others want the building constructed ‘anywhere other than on the college campus’. 

The difference in preference shows itself to be a major factor for further delay in the construction of the Gurubhavan.

A recent meeting chaired by Ajit Prasad, the deputy director of the Department of Public Instruction, had seen a few lecturers urging the construction of the building on the campus. A decision was taken to call a second preparatory meeting after readying to immediately begin the construction work.

The lecturers opposing the construction, however, had warned to prevent the work ‘at any cost’.


The ground-breaking ceremony was carried out on campus in 2010, in the presence of Prof Mumtaz Ali Khan, then district in-charge minister. The organisers had to face opposition in the form of protests by lecturers and SFI members on the occasion.

The district administration had intervened and prevented any mishap by promising the lecturers that a decision on the building would be taken soon and an alternative would be provided.

There has been no change, however, in the status of the building so far, and the scuffle among lecturers continues.


Programmes and meetings are organised in the Nandi Rangamandira, which is on the campus of the college. The new Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Community Hall, which is adjacent to the college, is another venue for functions. 

“This ensures students of the college are not disturbed. But if the Gurubhavan in constructed on campus, it will inconvenience the students a lot. They will also be deprived a playground,” argue some of the lecturers.

“The hall should be built on the premises of the Department of Public Instruction itself.

Why don’t the officers prefer to utilise the expanse of the premises?”they asked.

They added that it would be unfair to disturb the construction work too. “But we have no objection to construction of the hall so long as the site is changed.”

The lecturers said the blueprint of the hall is not out. There is no list of the lecturers who have contributed to the construction. 

“A demand on the information under the RTI Act only gets us a reply that no information is available at all. How would it be agreeable to carry on with the construction under such circumstances?” they ask.

Ceremony held four times

The Gurubhavan controversy, which has continued for more than 20 years, has seen four ground-breaking ceremonies for the construction work so far. Critics say the City should have had four halls at this rate.

Sources say the first time a ceremony was carried out was in 1979. Munishamappa, the then Education Department officer, carried out a ceremony outside the Urdu School on the PU College campus. 

The second time was in 1983, by D S Rajanna, the Department officer. The Balagangadharanath seer of Adichunchanagiri mutt carried out the next round of ground breaking, in 2004. 

The last round was in 2010, in the presence of Prof Mumtaz Ali Khan, then district in-charge minister.

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