Matt Damon will move to California for Affleck

Matt Damon will move to California for Affleck

The 'Departed' actor - who recently moved to New York with his wife Luciana and their three daughters - is considering uprooting his brood again and moving across US so he can spend more time with his famous friend, Femalefirst reported.

Damon and Affleck - who has two daughters, three-year-old Violet and eight-month-old Seraphina, with wife Jennifer Garner - have been firm friends for years and won an Academy Award together for their 'Good Will Hunting' script in 1997.

"Myself and Ben have two girls within six months of each other. It's a strong argument to buy a house there and be near Ben. We will see how the little kids do. If the winter is too tough, we might move to Los Angeles. All my friends with kids live there," Damon said.

However, Damon is concerned his recent move from Miami to the Big Apple might increase the interest in his private life.

"It will be interesting to see what happens now that we're in New York. Lucy is not a celebrity, and that really helps. Tabloids sell sex and scandal, and the narrative for me is that he's married to a normal woman and has got three kids and is kind of quiet. So as long as I don't do anything stupid," Damon said.

Despite his fledgling film career, Damon - who raises Alexia, 11, Isabella, three, and 13-month-old Gia with Luciana - recently admitted his greatest achievement in life is being a father.

"It changes everything and makes you change the way you prioritise your entire life. It really is all about the family and what makes them happy," the actor added.