Tv talk.

Tv talk.

Discovery Travel and Living brings Extreme on September 24 at 10 pm.

This episode takes you to the biggest and the most over-the-top eco-friendly gateways in America. From a solar and pedal powered eco-eatery, to a golf course irrigated by the Pacific Ocean, this is green like you have never seen!

Devika revealed in ‘Jyoti’
Sriti Jha, popularly known as Sudha of Sphere Origins’ show Jyoti on NDTV Imagine will soon be seen  Sriti Jharevealing her other side, Devika in the upcoming episodes. Sudha who is suffering from split personality disorder in the show was arrested because of a crime committed by Devika.
   The narco test will prove that she is a victim of split personality disorder. The reason behind this disorder will be exposed to Jyoti.
Sudha, though innocent, was caught cheating in the school.
   She was not only punished by her teacher but also ill-treated by her family especially Dadi, who started referring to her as chor and
suspected her if anything went missing at home.
This made little Sudha go through a lot of mental pressure. During this phase, she met Devika, a very bold and outgoing girl, and started developing her characteristics. This is when she started getting this disorder.
     When Jyoti comes to know of this, she blames Dadi for Sudha’s despair. To know what happens next with Sudha, keep glued to your television sets.

Tragic tale
HBO presents Gladiator starring Russel Crowe, Djimon Housou, Joaquin Phoenix and Connie Nielson on September 24 at 9 pm.
     A betrayed Roman general returns as a gladiator to take revenge after his wife and son were brutally murdered by the corrupt Prince Commodus, who turned against his own father to take over the Roman empire.

Fascinating culture of India
Discovery Channel brings Story of India : Ages of Gold on September 24
at 8 pm.From Story of India: Ages of Gold. Story of India... chronicles the story of India in the Middle Ages. At the time of the fall of the Roman Empire in the West and the European Dark Ages, India had a series of great flowering of culture, both in the North and the South.
In this episode, host Michael Wood shows the audience some of the amazing achievements of medieval India, in astronomy they discovered the heliocentric universe, absolute zero and the circumference of the earth. They mastered the world’s first large scale wrought iron technology, the Delhi iron pillar and their courtly culture was the setting the first sex manual of the world, the Kama Sutra.

Race to the top
Watch Entertainment Ke Liye Aur Bhi Kuch Karega on September 24 at 10 pm on Sony Entertainment Television. After the stupendous success of Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega, the show makes a comeback on strong public demand. Tune into see who impresses the tough judges — Anu Malik and Farah Khan, and walks away with the prize. The show airs every Monday to Thursday at 10 pm and Fridays at 9 pm.

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