More than mere shock value

More than mere shock value

If watching documentaries is your cup of tea there are some great ones to view on the web.  Documentaries, on any subject under the sun, are hosted by many websites including,, and bod ocus. com.  A recent entrant to this domain is Documentary Heaven,  hosted at , by a  19-year-old student studying computing in DCU Ireland.  Documentary Heaven was set up early July 2009 to provide the viewer with a vast collection of documentaries spanning  every genre. Some outstanding documentaries, sourced from elsewhere on the Internet, are embedded in this website under the categories:
* 911
* Activist
* Announcements
* Archaeology  
* Atheism  
* Biographies
* Biology
* Business
* Celebrity
* Conference
* Conspiracy
* Countries
* Drugs
* Economics  
* Environment
* Evolution
* Future
* Gangs
* Health  
* History
* Human Biology
* Human Rights
* Law
8 Lifestyle  
* Movies
* Murder
* Music  
* Mystery
* News & Politics
* Physics
* Prison
* Psychology
* Religion
* Science
* Society
* Space
* Spanish
* Sport & Adventure
* Technology
* War  

The ‘Story of India’, embedded on September 2, 2009, could have special appeal for Indian viewers.
Historian and acclaimed writer Michael Wood embarks on a dazzling and exciting expedition through today’s India, looking to the present for clues to her past, and to the past for clues to her future. He takes the viewer through majestic landscapes and reveals some of India’s greatest monuments and artistic treasures, from Buddhism to Bollywood, from mathematics to outsourcing. He studies aspects which have had a tremendous impact on history and the world at large. Another documentary that could interest you is ‘We’, on Arundhati Roy, the  Indian writer and activist who won the Booker Prize in 1997 for her novel, ‘The God of Small Things’, and the Lannan Cultural Freedom Prize. ‘We’ is a fast-paced 64-minute documentary that covers the world politics of power, war, corporations, deception and exploitation.

It brings to life the words of Arundhati Roy, specifically her famous Come September speech, where she spoke on such things as the war on terror, corporate globalisation, justice and the growing civil unrest. It’s witty, moving, alarming and quite a lesson in modern history.

Some of the other documentaries which could be of interest to you include ‘The Secret’, the  self-actualisation phenomenon which pivots on the new age notion of the Laws of Attraction. This documentary, originally broadcast over the Internet,  retains the essential elements that have captivated millions all over the world.
An experiment to save the world, ‘Nuclear Fusion’, one of the most difficult scientific processes, and ‘Ghosts of Abu Ghraib,’ director Roy Kennedy’s revelation of  the most disgraceful episode in U.S. military history which took place in a Baghdad prison also make for engrossing viewing.

At Documentary Heaven you may begin to believe that some of the documentaries have a hidden agenda, like promoting conspiracy theories.  However,  the host of the website assures and affirms that the website is “100 per cent neutral” in the posting of content.  And, if a ‘conspiracy’ documentary  is posted it is because  viewers may enjoy seeing it, and not for any other reason. 

He says, “If I post a documentary about the moon landing being faked, it’s not because I believe in such a thing... it’s just to bring some people to laughter at how ridiculous the notion is or some people may just simply enjoy these type of documentaries.”
Despite the reassurance from the host, if you feel otherwise you could use the forum section of the website to voice your concerns. 
Log on to www.documentary , sit back and enjoy some of the great documentaries embedded here.

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