Superstitious scientists seek divine help

Prior to every launch, the scientists make a visit to Tirupathi to have a “darshan” of Lord Balaji seeking his blessings by placing a replica of the rocket to be launched.
It seems the superstition extends to numbers as well.

After the 12th commercial launch of Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle termed PSLV-C12 from the spaceport here, Isro has jumped one number and called its next rocket that launched Oceansat-2 and six European nano satellites PSVL-C14.
Queried about the fate of PSLV-C13, a high-ranking Isro official said: “There is no such rocket designated with that number.”
The official declined to comment when queried whether Isro considered 13 an unlucky number.

* Satellite’s health being monitored from the ISRO Telemetry, Tracking & Command Network Control Centre, Bangalore.
* The sensors in the Ocean Colour Monitor will identify potential fishing zones to help fishermen.
* It will help detect algal blooms in the seas which may harm fishes.
* The ‘scatterometer’ payload with a one meter diameter antenna will “measure the sea surface winds”.
* That data will be extremely important for more accurate weather forecasts, also to study the origin of cyclones

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