Afghan officials live in fear of Taliban assassins

Jamal, 45, escaped harm each time, but he resigned late last year as governor of the eastern province of Khost and moved his family to Canada, a victory for the Taliban and its campaign to intimidate and assassinate Afghan officials.
Assassinations have intensified this year, with more than 100 officials and pro-government tribal elders attacked half of them fatally.

Such killings sow fear, undermine the already weak government and make it difficult to fill official posts with educated and competent Afghans.
“The Taliban know that if you kill one guy in the government, it discourages another 10 from being in that job,” said Jamal, who returned to Kabul this year.
The campaign of fear is another indication of the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan, where a record number of US and Nato troops have also died this year.

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