'Defeats to Blake in Jamaica opened my eyes'

'Defeats to Blake in Jamaica opened my eyes'

'Defeats to Blake in Jamaica opened my eyes'

Usain Bolt had a whale of a time entertaining the fans at the Olympic Stadium on Sunday night but said his victory in the 100M was only the first step towards becoming a legend.

"That was the first step to becoming a legend. I need to focus for the 200M, but I'm glad this is the first step in the door. For me it’s always a great feeling for me to go in there to win a gold medal and defend my title, it's an honour," Bolt told the world media after the race.

"I'm just happy with it, it is a fast time, the second fastest time in the world." Bolt said his defeats to Blake in the Jamaican trials had been a wake-up call.

“When Blake beat me in Jamaica that was a wake-up call, I was like ‘Come on Usain you gotta beat this guy’. After the trials I sat down with my coach to figure out what is the problem.”

"I think when you get to the top you're there, you know it's good, you're working and you're enjoying it and sometimes you lose sight because everybody is praising you, everybody says you are great. At the trials when Blake beat me twice it woke me up, it opened my eyes."

The Jamaican praised the efforts of Tyson Gay, who finished fourth after returning to competition from surgery.

"I knew it would be hard for Tyson, for him to make the final is even an achievement. He's one of the great competitors. I'm sure next season he'll get his game on. He's a great athlete, there's no one more competitive than Tyson. I knew it was going to be hard for Tyson this season, he had hip surgery and it was going to be hard for him to come back."

Bolt also took a dig at Britons, saying he was annoyed by the weird rules in place here, compared to the Games in Beijing four years ago.

"It's weird some of the rules,” he said. “I had my skipping rope in my bag and they (security) said I can't bring it in, and I asked why, they just said it is the rules. I have a rubber band that I need to stretch, I can't take it in and when I asked why, they say it's just the rules. It's just some weird small rules that don't make any sense to me, personally," he said.

"Like, I was in the line, we were waiting to run and the guy was telling me to line up straight. I was like, 'Really? We're about to run and they are going to make me stand in a straight line?' There are just some weird rules here."