Off to a sweet start

Off to a sweet start

Production No. 1

Off to a sweet start

Sandalwood has been welcoming newcomers with its arms wide open for many years now. The Kannada film fraternity is all set to greet yet another debutante director.

 After having been a part of projects that excelled on small screen, Sridhar Hegde is geared up for his big break through the direction of his first Kannada film. While the director of the film has been involved in the film business for a while now, the producer, Vishwanath who hails from the district of Kolar, is actually in the silk business.

He plans to take a baby step into the industry with this interesting script.

“I had always wanted to direct a Kannada movie. Now that I have got an opportunity to showcase my skills as a director, I feel quite excited and confident about carrying forward this project,” expresses Sridhar Hegde.

The movie has an ambivalent title — ‘Production No. 1’. The director and producer decided to launch the movie a day in advance of their heroine’s birthday. The event was recently celebrated at Green House, a hotel in Gandhinagar.

Although the hero of the movie is undecided, Shubha Punja will be one of the lead actresses.

V Manohar, as the music director, will give the audience some melodious tunes. Deepu S Kumar will edit the film and Makarand Joshi will be the man behind the cameras.

The love story, which is inspired by real estate activities, is expected to enthral the audience with a huge dose of entertainment.

The director promises his audience that everyone who watches the movie will be able to relate to some scene or the other because he says he has taken inspiration from the daily life of common people.

Shubha Punja explains, “I play the role of an innocent girl in the beginning but I end up portraying the extreme opposite towards the end of the movie.”

The team did not want to give away any details of the film.

   It only mentioned that the film will be shot in Bangalore and Mysore over the next few months. The team will start shooting for the movie by the end of the month or the first week of September and is planning to release it by the end of December.

The director claims that the subject doesn’t require many songs and they have hence chosen only three songs to complement the movie.

The movie launch ended on a sweet note after the actress celebrated her birthday in advance with people singing and cheering her while she cut the cake.