Hassan, first to run govt vehicles on biofuel

Hassan, first to run govt vehicles on biofuel

Plans to open biofuel bunk also

Hassan, first to run govt vehicles on biofuel

 Hassan district is gearing up to set a record by observing the World Biofuel day in a unique manner by introducing use of biofuel in all the government vehicles in the district. By this, it will be the first district in the state to take such a step forward to conserve the eco system.

 It is also a great achievement for the Biofuel park that was started in the year 2000 at Madenuru in Hassan taluk.

An experiment was conducted at Doddaballapur in the year 2005-06 related to production of biofuel. After tasting success, the Biofuel Board decided to take up the project in a large scale and selected Hassan district for the purpose. The unit was launched five years ago in 2007 and grabbed the attention of the country.

Representatives from various countries had visited and conducted studies, which is still continuing. Farmers have been distributed about 14 lakh biofuel saplings  including Honge, Hippe, Neem, Jatropha, Simarubba and others which yields about  50,000 tonnes seeds. Out of this around 20,000 tonnes of seeds are being used by Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh for various purposes.

The remaining seeds are utilised by the unit and produces around 250 to 300 litres of biofuel every day, said project coordinator Dr Balakrishnegowda. The price of biodiesel is higher than the ordinary diesel but if the production is done on a large scale the price will naturally come down. Biofuel park has made an agreement with ZP to popularise biofuel and accordingly, biofuel will be used for hundreds of vehicles belonging to various departments from August 10, as part of world biofuel day. ZP has sent a notice in this regard to all the departments. Five per cent

Though vehicles can run totally depending on biofuel as the fuel, it has been decided to use only five per cent for the vehicles as there is no sufficient production to meet the demands. The biofuel will be despatched to the departments through cans which will be mixed to the diesel while filling the fuel.  Balakrishnegowda said that they have agreed to sell biofuel on the price of diesel and the loss will be compensated by selling the byproducts. It has a great lubricant property and is engine-friendly and does not emit smoke and prevents air pollution, he added. It has also been decided to open the first Biofuel bunk of the country in the premises and are awaiting the nod from the Centre.