Salary delayed; guest faculty in soup

More than 8,000 temporary lecturers required every semester

 The colleges are abuzz with activity with students wandering in the campus with a lot of dreams in their eyes having secured a seat while others are still walking down the aisle to the principal’s room asking for a change of subjects. But this is not the case with the guest faculty, who are still keeping their fingers crossed to get the pay cheques for the last semester!

When Deccan Herald did a cross check to verify the situation, it was found that the government colleges are beginning the process of recruiting the guest faculty for the current semester. It is almost a month over for the current semester period, for which the exams are held in December.  The process includes press release, interview and other procedures taking another month, and it is the students who are worst affected due to the delay. After all this, the guest faculty who are selected do not get their wages on time and have to be just content in teaching the students and waiting for their salary.


 Cumbersome process

An official on condition of anonymity said that the cumbersome process affects both the faculty and the students. There is a need for almost 500 guest faculty in Mysore, Mandya, Chamarajanagar and Hassan districts and an alarming 8,000 guest faculty for the whole state, every semester. Moreover, while the permanent lectuers are enjoying the UGC scale which is more than Rs 40,000 on an average, these guest faculty who have to teach five classes a day is paid a meagre Rs 8,000 a month, that too not on time.

One of the government college principals said that a budget allocation should be made by the government for the same to prevent the delay and indirectly help in improving the quality of education. This process has turned out to be headache every semester, he said and added that the government instead of calling an open interview for the recruitment where the fresh Ph D holders apply and get the job, should take steps to absorb the existing guest faculty who had served for more than 15 years and are still temporary lecturers. There is a need to fill more than 4,000 vacant posts across the state and government should come out with a solid decision to absorb the serving faculty as many are nearing retirement age. 

No pay 

Nalini (name changed), a guest faculty of Maharani’s college said that the faculty has to work the whole semester without  pay.  According to International Labour Organisations (ILO), a person should be paid after 25 working days. There are several highly qualified faculty, who have been serving years as visiting faculty with their doors closed firmly for government jobs due to age bar. 

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