Man kills brother, police nab couple

Victim had illicit relation with sister-in-law

A couple has been arrested in Gazipur for killing the man’s younger brother at Ranibagh in north-west Delhi. The victim was in an illicit relationship with the man’s wife, police said.

The couple slit his throat, dumped the body in a trunk and then fled from their home.Noor Mohamad, 32, and his wife Afsana, 30, were arrested at Gazipur bus depot in east Delhi while they were trying to flee from the city on Monday, said deputy commissioner of police (north-west) P Karunakarn. They hail from Sitapur in Uttar Pradesh and were living in Ranibagh. On Saturday, police received a call at the police control room from Naveen Kumar of Ranibagh saying foul smell was emanating from one of his rented accommodations which was locked. Police broke the lock and found the body inside a trunk. Naveen also told police that in the early hours of August 2, he heard some commotion from the house. When he checked with them, Noor and Afsana told him that it was a family dispute. But the next day, they both went missing with their children. During investigation, police found that the body was of Noor’s brother Shehryar.“A police team then rushed to Sitapur where they learnt that Shehryar had an illicit relationship with Afsana,” said P Karunakarn. Then acting on a tip-off, police arrested the couple at Gazipur bus depot while they were trying to flee to Basti in Uttar Pradesh.

During interrogation, they told police that earlier Shehryar had an affair with Afsana.“When Noor discovered it, he had a fight with Shehryar and his relations with his wife became sore. Later, Afsana assured her husband that she would discontinue the relations with Shehryar,” said Karunakarn.

Noor and Afsana resolved their differences started living at rented accommodation. But Shehryar did not stop making advances towards Afsana despite warnings from Noor.On August 1, they invited Shehryar for dinner where they smothered him, slit his throat, put him inside a trunk and fled from the hosue.

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