SSA releases books on quality education

SSA releases books on quality education

Authored by 101 teachers, who were trained  over a period of 147 days on leadership and management for improvising the quality of primary education, these booklets will be sent to all the cluster resource and block resource persons across the State. The booklets are the outcome of the Management Development Project (MDP), funded by the World Bank, state government, SSA and Azim Premji Foundation.

The booklets contain information about educational perspectives, quality tools, stakeholders’ participation with focus on headmasters who would execute the reforms at schools; concepts for improving headmasters’ performance, project planning and analysis. As many as 1,530 teachers were trained under the MDP for 2008-09.

Primary Education Minister, Visveshwara Hegde Kageri said that all required topics pertaining to the quality improvement at schools have been extensively covered in the booklets. “The booklets have to be translated into action at the school-level. Teachers need to channelise management and leadership ideas and have a positive impact on children’s education,” Kageri remarked.

R G Nadadur, Principal Secretary, Primary and Secondary Education Department said if need be, a survey by an institute may be conducted to gauge the outcome of the training at government schools. 

Dilip Ranjekar, chief executive officer, Azim Premji Foundation, pointed out that Karnataka has been consistent with the development of primary education compared to the 14 states that the Foundation was engaged with.