Residents here get cattle class treatment

Residents here get cattle class treatment

Fodder odour, garrulous drivers ring in the mornings for them

Residents here get cattle class treatment

Encroachment: Tempos fight for space with cattle at Malleswaram jatka stand. DH photo

Today, this shed, located on 8th Cross, Swimming Pool Extension, has been taken over by tempos and mini-lorries. Cows and bulls jostle for space in the cramped space alloted for them while a few are tethered to electric poles in the adjoining street. A parking lot is planned here in the future but residents are quite agitated over the present state of the shed.

With a former Corporator N Venkatesh and the animals he owns using one half of the available space, the commoner is quite apprehensive about taking him on. One resident requesting anonymity says, “The stench every morning is nauseating. So is the nuisance created by tempo and lorry drivers. We have submitted a petition to the area MLA and are waiting for some action to be taken.”

A woman pointed out that fodder to feed the animals was sold here in the mornings by dealers, who arrive from different parts of the City. “The place is such a stinking mess that it is difficult to cross it during that time,” she adds. Another resident interjected, “We really do not know whom to approach for redressal. All we know is that this has been going on for quite some time and residents are expected to adjust.”

Venkatesh, against whom much of the ire is directed, claimed that the parked vehicles do not belong to him. “The cows are owned by me, my brother and the people of Malleswaram,” he said. BBMP seems to be totally in the dark if one goes by the words of an official here. Assistant Engineer, BBMP, Lokesh claimed he was not aware of vehicles being parked there. “Even if vehicles are parked here, it is upto the police to take action,” he added.

BBMP in the dark
A top BBMP official conceded that this piece of government property had become no-man’s-land now and no one was making any kind of payment for using it. When the issue was brought to his notice, Inspector (Law and Order) at Vyalikaval, Abdul Qadir promised that action would be taken against those creating a nuisance for residents of the area. “The illegal parking would also be stopped,” he assured.

MLA’s assurance
Malleswaram MLA, Dr Aswath Narayan, conceded that the place was being misused. “There is no parking space on Eighth Cross road and we are planning  an automated parking system here for four-wheelers. The ground floor will be earmarked for two-wheelers.” The proposal has been submitted to the BBMP and its approval is awaited, he added.