Steps to a brighter future

The campus of St Joseph’s College of  Arts and Commerce did not seem like a high-profile guest had visited it. Such was the humility of the Tibetan prime minister-in -exile Lobsang Sange. His sense of humour was contagious.

A section of the audience.

The programme was organised by the students of the North-East and it was a unique opportunity for them to meet Lobsang Sange.

“There is a huge number of people from Tibet living in Karnataka and a large number of our monasteries are also here. We are grateful to the Indian government for helping us so much,” said Sange.

The dynamic 40-something prime minister-in-exile went on to describe his foray into politics and also talked about his childhood. The students were more than thrilled to get an opportunity to interact with him and many felt inspired to take on the political duties in their country.

“He is extremely inspiring and it is not everyday that you get inspired by someone. This is the second time that he has come to the City and I am glad he chose to come.

After hearing him, I feel that one day we will definitely go back to our motherland. I also feel that His Holiness, the Dalai Lama’s move to give up his political powers was a good move and it has been vested in able hands,” said Lobsang Tseten, a Tibetan student.

The prime minister-in-exile not only inspired the students to fight back against oppression, he also motivated them to make the best use of the resources and the education they have got. “We welcome any kind of support given to us by any country and any political and non-political organisations. My visit to the colleges is a part of our efforts to get as much support for free Tibet as possible. I will be making rounds of many colleges and universities for the same,” informed Sange.

Many Tibetan students felt that it was ray of hope for them. “He is so vibrant, dynamic and young. He also spoke so well. He filled us with hope and it was great hearing him,” said P V Joseph, a Tibetan student.

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