Tiger cub spotted at Sariska park after 4 years

Tiger cub spotted at Sariska park after 4 years

Project bears fruit

Tiger cub spotted at Sariska park after 4 years

A tiger cub has been sighted in Sariska National Park after a gap of four years. According to Rajasthan forest department tigress ST-2 was seen with a cub at the Kalighat-Slopka area of the park on Tuesday.

The tigress along with its cub was caught in the camera trap ending all speculation about the tigress littering a cub. The forest department officials said the cub was about one and half months old and was found accompanying its mother.  “This is indeed encouraging news,” said state Minister for Forest and Environment Bina Kak. “I hope that there are more than just one cub. Finally, there is encouraging news in our attempt to rehabilitatre the tiger population in the Sariska Tiger Reserve,” she added.

Field director Sariska R S Shekawat said: “The area where the tigress was spotted has been cordoned and guards deployed to ward off any disturbance. He said there can be more cubs as the camera takes a minute to reload for a second frame.

There may be more than one cub but we cannot say with certainty without proof," he said. Generally, a tigress litters two to three cubs at a time.   

The news about the cub has sparked jubilation among wildlife lovers. The Sariska Foundation which has been spearheading a campaign for the reintroduction of tigers in the park and rehabilitation of the villagers said the birth of the cub has put to rest all doubts about the viability of the tiger relocation plan.

Dinesh Varma Durani founder secretary of the Foundation said the government needs to trans-locate more tigresses to the park to repopulate the reserve. Acting president of the Foundation Sunyan Sharma said this was ST-2’s last chance to liter a cub as the tigress is more than 10 years old.