Infosys faces second case of US visa misuse

Infosys faces second case of US visa misuse

Infosys faces second case of US visa misuse

India's second largest IT company Infosys has been charged for the second time with misuse of US visas.

Satya Dev Tripuraneni, a US citizen and former employee of Infosys in the US, has filed a lawsuit in a California court early this month alleging that though he had brought to the notice of the Infosys management the alleged misuse of visas, no action was taken.

Confirming that the suit has been filed, Infosys Thursday said in a statement in Bangalore that the matter is being investigated.

"Shortly after Tripuraneni filed his complaint with the Infosys whistleblower team, per our policy, the company launched a comprehensive investigation of his allegations," the statement said.

"That investigation is continuing. As for comments on the legal matter, we are choosing to concentrate our attention and resources on the investigation. We feel this is the prudent and responsible course of action at this time," it said.

Infosys is already fighting a lawsuit filed by another former employee, Jack Palmer, alleging visa fraud by the company.

Infosys has dismissed Palmer's charges, though it tried to settle the issue with him through mediation.

Since mediation efforts failed, the trial on Palmer's charges is scheduled to begin in the US Aug 20.