Writer's garden.

Writer's garden.

 In the pages of the writer's gardenI loved being the Birthday Boy- the King of the Day!
In the distance I spotted Rohan and Rita, ran up to them as they greeted me warmly, "Happy birthday Ankit!" and showered me with warm handshakes and friendly hugs.

Guests started pouring in. Loud cheers, well wishes and happiness filled the air! We were all engrossed in a game when the doorbell rang.
How we moaned and groaned! We surely didn't like to be interrupted in the middle of a game! I reluctantly opened  the door  and forced a smile, "Uncle Mehra! So good to see you!" I had never been very interested in him as he was a scientist. I almost anticipated him to come dressed in a white lab coat, test tube in hand! I ushered him in and returned.

The party was nearly over and we all sat down, chatting endlessly. Uncle Mehra said, "Listen here, I recently made a scientific discovery," He paused to create an effect, but no one was very fascinated. "I discovered that plants can feel….. They have emotions just like us humans!" he continued, "I have, in fact, invented a camera that depicts the emotions a plant feels…It is a wonderful mechanism. I could show it to you all if you wish."

 "Yes, we surely want to see it Uncle!" I said eagerly. "We want to have a look too," chimed in Rita. We gathered around him to look as he drew out a slick slim black camera from a case and connected it to his laptop. He typed in a code and slammed the button, 'ACTIVATE'. He brought Mother's dahlia plant and placed it in front of him. (Mother, thankfully was busy in the kitchen else she would have gone into fits of rage on seeing her gorgeous dahlias in the hands of a bunch of naughty kids!) Uncle gradually focused the camera onto the Zinnias. In the display screen, we could clearly see the plant snoozing and we could almost feel its gentle breathing!
Subsequently, Uncle plucked a petal and, Oh My! We saw the plant squeal in an agony of alarm and pain! "Poor thing!" pitied Rita. "I promise never to pluck flowers again!" I said.  Uncle Mehra unplugged the Wonder Camera from his laptop and I told him in excitement, "Your camera is awesome!" "Well, if you liked it so much, it shall be your birthday present!" he said. WOW! I loved the prospect of owning such a cool, one of a kind camera!

Uncle's camera has really taught me to value and respect plants (almost as much as humans).It was incredible to actually see the plants' emotions! You will see for yourself because my Uncle Mehra will win the Nobel Prize for his invention and soon these cameras will be out, waiting for you to buy them!

Written by: Amulya Murthy,
Class 7 B, SKCH (CBSE)

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