'I am a director's actor'

'I am a director's actor'

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'I am a director's actor'

Ram Gopal Varma factory product actress Nisha Kothari had returned to Sandalwood recently with Dandupalya.

After playing Puneeth Rajkumar’s glamorous heroine in Raaj, Nisha played the love interest of Raghu Mukherjee in Dandupalya. Nisha says what inspired her to take up the role was that it was a real-life story.

“When I was narrated the script, I thought it was worth a try and I wasn’t surprised when the movie was well received. I played a victim of the atrocities of the Dandupalya gang and I could relate to every single emotion in the movie,’’ Nisha told Metrolife.

It was quite unlikely for the glamourous doll to zero in on a film like Dandupalya. “Character-oriented roles have always interested me. It’s just that those roles don’t come to me often but when they do, I simply grab them.

I actually did a bit of research and read about the gang and its nefarious activities. That helped me understand the subject better,” says Nisha.

She’s working on a Bollywood project titled ‘Stalker’ and confesses that she is willing to work in more Kannada films.

“I watched Sudeep’s Eega recently and I think he’s done a pretty brilliant job. It’s interesting how a housefly transforms the life of an ordinary man. I also know Puneeth pretty well and admire his work because I’ve acted with him,” she notes.

Nisha also reveals that she will be teaming with Ram Gopal Varma again sometime. She doesn’t think twice before describing him as a fantastic director.

“I consider it fortunate to work with RGV. I am a director’s actor and RGV moulds a character the way he imagines it to be. He fulfills every challenge he takes up,” she observes.

Nisha doesn’t belong to the size-zero league but believes in staying fit. “I eat right and yoga keeps me in shape,” she sums up.