VIP on number plate only

VIP on number plate only

Pricey taste

VIP on number plate only

Now, you don’t need to resort to underhand methods or pay touts a heavy sum to own a VIP car number.

Soon, fancy numbers will be within the reach of the common man officially even though at higher rates.

Delhi Government has cleared a proposal to auction VIP car numbers to generate additional revenue and also overcome irregularities in the present system.

The minimum price for VIP numbers of 0001 series would be Rs 5 lakh, Rs three lakh for 0003 to 0009 series number and Rs two lakh for number like 0010 to 0090.

Numbers such as 0100, 0111, 0222, 0999, 0101 will cost Rs one lakh. The least price for obtaining other fancy numbers is Rs 20,000.

This is something to cheer about for youngsters who like to flaunt VIP numbers which sometime help them getting away from routine interception by police.

Metrolife talks to youngsters who drive fancy cars (and fancier numbers) seeking their reaction on Delhi government’s decision and asking them if they would buy VIP numbers?

While some do believe it is great to own an exclusive product, there are others who believe that it is nothing but a waste of money as owning a special car number does not make any difference.

Vaibhav Rawal, a video editor, says driving a car with a VIP number does not mean that one will not be intercepted by the cops and it hardly changes anything. “I had a VIP number on my previous car.

People think that having a VIP number means freedom from not being stopped by the traffic police even if you flout norms. But that is not true. I would rather spend the same money on buying accessories for the car,” he says.

Even as the government claims that it will ensure transparency and curb irregularities that take place for getting a VIP number, some think otherwise. Atul Singh, a pilot with a private airline, shares similar views.

He says it is not a decision that needs to be appreciated as it may open up a route for more corruption. “I will never shell out extra money just for a number. It hardly matters.

Only those who have high-end luxury cars will go for it. Government is saying that it is doing this for additional revenue but what happens with that revenue we all know,” says Atul.

But there are those for whom having a VIP number means they are different from the crowds.

Karan Yadav, a lawyer, is one of them. In Delhi, he says, people like to flaunt that they are different and a cut above the rest and he is one of them.

“I had once tried for a VIP number but couldn’t get it. This time, if my budget allows, I would surely like to have one. It doesn’t make a tangible difference overall, but it does distinguish you from the other,” he adds.

Kaushik Sensharma, a businessman, says, “If we can spend lakhs on buying a car, where is the harm if we spend a little more for a VIP number?”