IT, Steel Cos offer jobs, not joining dates

 Avinash (name changed) landed a plum job in a well-known multinational IT firm at the end of last year, when he was studying in his seventh semester at an engineering college in the city. Having bagged a pay package of more than Rs 5 lakh, he was among the select few who got a chance to work for his ‘dream company’.

However, eight months later, even though he has received an offer letter from the IT firm the joining date is yet to be specified. With bachelors of engineering course for the 2008-2012 batch having been completed by July this year, Avinash is not the only one waiting for the joining dates.

Authorities from several colleges, on condition of anonymity, revealed that several BE graduates are yet to receive their joining dates. Several IT firms, who are known for recruiting on a massive scale, have given joining dates for March 2013.

Even a few core companies, which recruit students belonging to mechanical and electrical branches, have extended the date of joining for up to March 2013.

A few others IT and core companies, have failed to provide a particular date of joining, but have indicated that the dates would be released in a couple of months.
Speaking to Deccan Herald, a placement officer disclosed that even though HR managers have refused to acknowledge a slowdown in the markets, the joining dates have been delayed as compared to the previous years.

Also, firms involved in steel and iron ore processing are yet to give the joining dates. The delay is said to be due to controversy surrounding illegal mining, which has taken a hit on the industry.

College sources said that there is no need for BE graduates to be afraid of delay in companies giving the joining dates. Citing an example, an IT firm had provided job offers in 2007, but later went on to issue the joining dates after four years in 2011.
Meanwhile, colleges are expected to open doors for campus recruitments for the 2009-2013 batch of students later this month.

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