Gadhafi against expansion of UNSC, inclusion of India, Pak

Gadhafi against expansion of UNSC, inclusion of India, Pak

In his maiden speech to the UN General Assembly, Gadhafi said that Security Council reform does not mean increasing the member states in the powerful body.
"It will just make things worse...," Gadhafi, who is also the president of the African Union, said.

Opening the doors of the UNSC for big powers would "add more poverty, more injustice, more tension at the world level", the maverick Libyan leader said.

"There would be high competition between Italy, Germany, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Japan, Argentina, Brazil...," Gadhafi, attired in a long brown robe, said during his more than one-and-a-half-hour-long address.

Seeking equality among member states, he noted that since India and Pakistan were both nuclear powers, if India had a seat, then Pakistan would want one as well.
"We reject having more seats," he said since it would give "rise to more superpowers, crush the small people."

He also called the Security Council a "council of terror," and demanded a compensation of USD 7.77 trillion for African nations for centuries of colonisation.

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