Withdraw show cause notices to Kirori Mal teachers, says DUTA

Delhi University Teachers Association in its meeting on Thursday asked for an independent inquiry over the suspension of the principal of Kirori Mal College and condemned show cause notices sent to two members of the college staff.

They were issued show cause notices after they sent a mass appeal to the teaching and student community to boycott classes for two days.

The appeal came after principal Bhim Sen Singh was suspended aftert a meeting of the college governing body last week.

Right to protest

“The university administration has attacked teachers democratic right to protest. It is evident in the August 1 letters of the university registrar and that of the acting principal of KMC to the teachers, denying them the right of casual leave,” said a DUTA member.
The member added the concerted attack on the KMC staff association is being taken as an attack on DUTA.

DUTA members said they will not tolerate attacks on their right to protest and will resort to direct action until the letters are withdrawn.

“A time bound, independent and impartial inquiry over the suspension of the principal should take place,” said the member.

Earlier, Singh had called a press conference in which he demanded removal of the
recently appointed chairman of the college’s governing
body citing court cases with serious allegations against him in his last post.
He was suspended a day after the press conference.

“The DUTA, however, entirely dissociates itself from the statements made by Singh through the press conference, particularly his reported remarks against a woman registrar,” said the DUTA member.

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