Spicy delights, with a twist

Spicy delights, with a twist

Unconventional Combinations

Spicy delights, with a twist

Who says chaats are meant only for the evenings? When it comes to Santrupthi Chaats one could stop over any time of the day and find hot, crispy and freshly made chaats.

 Located very close to NMKRV College for Women in Jayanagar 4th Block, the eatery is a popular haunt for not only the students there, but also their parents. How, you wonder?

 Munilingappa, who owns the eatery, first started selling chaats in a small pushcart in 1982 and as the place grew popular, he opened this small shop in 1996. “I started it for my livelihood but never thought it would become so popular. It’s such a great feeling to see so many people, who have been coming all these years just to eat the chaats,” says Munilingappa, who now runs the place along with his son Lokesh.

One of the first things one would notice at this place is the large board with nearly 35 items under the chaat section. From the normal masala puris, dahi puris, bhel puris and the sev puris, the place also has some unique ones like ring puris, boti masala, nippat masala and pineapple bhel.

“We like to mix things up for the customers. When they come here, they should try something that they won’t find anywhere else,” says Lokesh, while Munilingappa is quick to add, “But before adding anything new to the menu, we first try it at home, take the opinion of others and only then, decide to add it to the menu.”

That’s why one will also find combinations like mango churmuri, kurkure bhel, mad angles bhel, cucumber masala, bun masala, chakli masala, kodbale masala and more. Students, however, are very fond of not only the chaats but also the noodles.

 “We recently started noodles. These are packet noodles but we add our own signature recipe to it,” beams Lokesh, who says that the range of sandwiches are also very popular amongst the crowd. 

Apart from these short eats, the place also offers a good range of fresh fruit juices, milkshakes and ice-creams. While there is very little place to sit, the tasty snacks on offer more than make up for it.For details, call 9886008945.