Kids' couture at its best

Kids' couture at its best

Kids' couture at its best

When it comes to styling their outfits, children sure have an opinion, and this trend can be attributed to the widening market for toddler fashion, discovers Shaili Dhagat.

The world of fashion is exploring brighter and newer avenues, and as far as style and glamour is concerned, there is something for every age group.

The women and men are definitely looking groovier and the kids aren’t far behind. If you’re looking to step up the style quotient for your kids, there is no dearth of range, variety and options.

 The bustling, busy and charming markets of Delhi and Bangalore surely stock up the best of garments for toddlers and kids. There is an equal mix of branded merchandise as well as the locally-manufactured garments for all occasions, be it the casual, home wear, play wear or party wear.

 The designs and hues seem to be right out of a fairy tale!

Toddlers can be dressed up in baby suits, complete with caps, booties and mittens. The older boys can choose from a collection of jeans, track-pants, formal trousers, capris and shorts to choose from.

These can be teamed up with a smart top, in woollen or any other comfortable fabric. Colourful pullovers and smart jackets are also available.

 Showrooms and malls offer an exotic option too. A branded ensemble might cost up to Rs 1,500 or more (for a set of smart trousers and a cute t-shirt) while the local makes come at more affordable prices.

When it comes to style and glamour, it is the girls’ collection that is truly enticing in every way. The femine colours, dainty cuts and patterns are a treat for the eyes. And little girls certainly prefer western wear.

 The long and short frocks, skirts, slacks and gowns are all-time favourites. Plenty of velvet, satin, fancy lace, net, glitter, embroidery, sequins and crystals make your little girl’s wardrobe fit enough for a little princess! Matching accessories like hair ribbons, fancy clips, hair bands and hair-beads add that special touch.

There are a few talented designers who love experimenting with kids’ wear. One of them is Reena Malik, who runs a chain of boutiques for kids’ garments, called Jingle Bells. She says, “Kids today have a mind of their own and are very fashion conscious.

 Parents  are very indulgent too. When it comes to their children, they only want the best. I find that frocks and gowns for girls of the age group 1-12 years sell the most. There is a huge demand for good quality fabrics, motifs, fur, satin, lace, pockets, frills and ruffles. A pretty hair-do makes them look just perfect.”

Popular colours are shades of pink, purple, ocean blue and lemon yellow. Another important aspect of dressing up kids is the accessory. Everything from their hair, belts, necklaces, earrings, footwear and bags must go well with the dress.

Kanika Khanna, also a dress designer, running her own boutique, adds, “Moms and dads have little say these days. Children already know what they want. I feel there is craze for brands these days and a young one’s fashion sense is highly westernised.

Some hot brands for kids are Jenny and Johnny, Lil Tomatoes, Benetton, Reebok and Nike. Kids just have to explore and take their pick. I feel that the Indian market and designers have few takers these days. All the same, I certainly think that children these days are extremely stylish and well-dressed!”

Sangeeta Nair, a home-maker has two kids, and while the options are fewer for her son, she loves to dress up her toddler daughter. Says Sangeeta, “I love to buy dresses for my daughter as there is so much available.

Western wear is in abundance and so is the traditional lehenga-choli. I can pick up a few outfits within Rs 1,000. Now that my daughter’s second birthday is coming up, I want to buy her a Cinderella frock along with a pair of glass slippers!” 

So fill up your child’s world with more fairy tales, more colour and more wonder!