Replace State women's panel chief, says former DGP

Replace State women's panel chief, says former DGP

Colaco says he was horrified and disgusted to hear Manjulas statement

Replace State women's panel chief, says former DGP

The report submitted and the statements made by State Women’s Commission Chairperson C Manjula on the Mangalore homestay attack should be considered as irrelevant and she should be replaced by a new chairperson who will work for the welfare of the women, stated retired Director General of Police (Karnataka) F T R Colaco.

Responding to a question raised by a student at a discussion programme on ‘Moral policing - Blot on Indian democracy’ organised at St Aloysius Degree College on Friday, the former DGP came down heavily against the Women’s Commission Chairperson for deviating the attack issue. “I, personally, was horrified and disgusted to hear her statement. The report submitted by Manjula is completely biased and prejudiced. It appears like she is working for her political bosses. She has to come clear whether she is in the post to protect the rights and interests of the women or the party in power?” he insisted.

On some of the statements made in her report, he said that it has been a trend off late to blame the police if nobody else is to be blamed. When the police have clarified that no drug was found in the party venue, how could the chairperson raise the question of drug abuse by the party-goers. Even the Excise Department officials have clarified that the liquor used by the partying youth was well within the limits.
Then how could such objections be made by the Women’s Commission, questioned the former DGP.    Strongly condemning the attack, he alleged the ruling political party of playing a major role behind such attacks. The brain behind all such moral policing attacks is the same.

The political party in power is trying to create rift between the communities in the name of culture and religion for the sake of vote bank. “Unfortunately, we seem to be regressing to the medieval age by imposing certain culture on the youth. The attitude of men towards women and the double standards in addressing both the sexes are in the wrong direction,” regretted Colaco.

St Aloysius College Principal Fr Swebert D’Silva opposed the imposition of culture on youth as he said the culture is dynamic and not static. The attackers who molested girls do not know what the culture is, he flayed.

In the programme, that was jointly organised by the St Aloysius College and Catholic Association of South Canara (CASC), the participants passed a resolution opposing the attack and the report submitted by the State Women’s Commission.