Still a bubbly 'teen'

Still a bubbly 'teen'

Turning younger

 Divya with Sakhi, a Lhasa Apso, she bought for herself.

The chirpy and versatile actress Divya Dutta celebrates her birthday today. The pretty lady spoke to Metrolife on her plans for the day, without revealing her age, of course! “My birthday plans are always made at the last minute,” she laughs. “But most probably, like all my other birthdays, my friends will come over and we will have a party.” She adds, “It will be an open house party, where my friends and I will sing and dance.”

Divya has even found a new friend in Sakhi, the 40-day-old Lhasa Apso puppy she bought for herself. “She is quite a handful, but I rush back home after shoot to spend time with her.” Recalling her last year’s birthday celebrations, the actress says, “I was shooting for three films at the time — Welcome To Sajjanpur, Hisss and a Yash Raj film. And the unit members of all these films were in my house,” she exclaims.

Divya Dutta Speaking of shooting, Divya has many interesting projects in hand. “I am shooting for Chaloo Movie, in which I play a Marilyn Monroe wanna-be,” she laughs. “My character is that of an aspiring actress, who is in awe of Marilyn.” So will we get to see Divya do the famous Marilyn pose in a white dress with a blong wig? “Yes, I will be doing the pose. But I won’t be wearing a blond wig as it doesn’t go well with the Indian skin,” she answers.

She is also shooting for Subhash Ghai’s Hello Darling. “I just shot for an item number with Shreyas Talpade.” Then there is the Hollywood project called Heartland with
acclaimed director Fred Holmes. “It’s a typical masala crossover film, where I play a Punjabi girl, who falls in love with a much older man.” She is also very excited about the Mallika Sherawat-starrer Hisss, where she stars opposite Irrfan Khan.

Recently, Divya also became the co-owner of Ludhiana Gullies, the Ludhiana cricket team of the talent hunt programme, T-10 Gully Cricket Season 2. “I own the team along with Riteish (Deshmukh), Rajpal (Yadav) and many other friends of mine.” She informs that the selections are currently on for the team. “I am really looking forward to the matches and the travelling,” she says.

 Coming back to her special day, she says she may even bring in her birthday. How old has she turned? She laughs out loud. “I will just be finishing my teens. Anyway, it’s all about feeling young from within isn’t it?”

Well, here is wishing the ever-green Divya Dutta a very happy birthday and hoping that she continues entertaining the masses for many years to come.