Man is in prison

Man is in prison

This programming is based on culture, family, society or religion. To realise these, is like giving conscious shock to oneself so that our ignorance can be dropped. We are indifferent to the fact that we operate with less awareness. We live in a sophisticated instrument called body and mind and what we need is deep awareness. Being indifferent to this fact is like living in a prison.

A philosopher asked a Sufi saint, a cobbler, to repair his shoe. “I am closing my shop now sir,” replied the cobbler. The philosopher said, “I have only one shoe on my foot”. “You may please borrow my shoe for the other foot," said the cobbler. "But I don't wear other's shoes," said the philosopher. "If you can borrow others ideas, why not a shoe?", asked the cobbler.

Learn to observe life deeply. If one observes oneself deeply one will find that we are not one 'I' but multiple 'I's. There is an 'I' that supports us and an other 'I' that pulls us down. One should learn to dis-identify from the negative 'I' and invite the positive 'I'.

If our thoughts and attitudes are negative, a negative system gets created. Then the negative system takes control of our life. The negative system thus develops its own survival mechanism and we become slaves of that system. The art of wise living is to dismantle such a negative system from our lives. For this to happen, one has to observe at oneself not once or twice, but many times over. This inner conscious but repetitive looking within at oneself should become a way of life. We have to learn the art of inner separation.

These negative, ignorant, addictive, narrow, foolish "I's" eat our life forces similar to rats eating the crops. One should not give them authority to rule one's life. One should affirm that, "this is not the I who I am." Some 'I's in us are our friends and some are our enemies. To recognize and dis-identify with them is the inner separation.

If one identify with negative thoughts and emotions coming from multiple "I's" and feel them as oneself, it will lead to chaos and conflict. Any thought & emotions that passes through us is not ours. Let us learn to select and reject. Then we will not find ourselves in prison. We know how to reject and select things in the outer world… but why can't we do this in our inner world also?

Don't allow your moods that emerge from the negative 'I' to enter into your life. Allow wise influences to impact your life. Don't allow the influences of darkness impact your life. Allow the influences of the sun to energize you. Learn to be in association with the conscious humanity and not the sleeping humanity.