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Discover India

In celebration of 65 years of India’s Independence, Animal Planet’s month-long initiative  — Yeh Mera India — rejoices the country’s iconic and enchanting wildlife. Yeh Mera India takes viewers on an exotic journey through India, from the epic Himalayan Mountains, down the mighty River Ganges, and across to the lost world of the North East, to explore its iconic wildlife, secret locations and epic terrains. The show airs every night for one month, starting August 15, at 8 pm.

In defence

Follow Mack in Ultimate Weapons as he goes the extra mile to track down new weapons and defence systems taking their place in the world’s arsenal, to deal with the changing missions of 21st century warfare. Tune into the episode tonight at 10 pm, on Discovery Science, as it takes an interesting look at many technological breakthroughs designed to take on the challenges of terrorism, bomb threats, and the urban battlefield.

Disney classic

Princess Rapunzel is a baby when she receives healing powers from a magical flower. The magic has transferred to her golden hair. The evil Mother Gothel kidnaps Rapunzel and keeps her in a tower. Rapunzel is a teenager now and her hair is 70 feet long. She is ever curious about the outside world but Mother Gothel is adamant about not letting her out. That is when Flynn Rider, the thief, arrives at the tower. He agrees to take Rapunzel to the city of the floating lights. Watch Rapunzel’s life change forever, today on Star Movies, at 10.09 am.

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