New glass to prevent bird deaths

 Scientists have created a new type of glass resembling a cobweb, to prevent thousands of birds from dying by crashing into windows every year in Britain.

The high-tech Ornilux glass has a web of lines coated on to the surface of the glass, invisible to human eye but they reflect ultraviolet light, which can only be seen by birds. Created by specialist German firm Arnold Glas, the glass type is based on the web of the common orb weaver spider, whose silk also contains UV reflective strands.

Nearly 250 million birds in Europe die by flying into glazing windows in homes, sky-scrapers and office blocks.

The glass, which is 50 per cent more expensive than normal glass, has now been installed in the lookout tower and visitors’ centre on Holy Island at Lindisfarne, Northumberland.
This system has been in development for several years.

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